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Be proud and own every moment

AMANDA GLEN Amanda is a strong part of the Maclean community. In public life she services as the Chaplain of Maclean RSL Sub branch involved in all their official ceremonies. But it is behind the scenes in her role as a counselor that Amanda has touched so many lives. Always opening her heart and home to those in need. From feeding the hungry, to giving children a roof over their heads and helping those needing to get back on their feet, nothing is too hard for Amanda.
AMY LOWE Amy is a devoted nurse and manager of the Emergency Department both at Grafton Base Hospital and Maclean Hospital. Her staff respect and love her and many claim she is the best boss you could ever have. Amy is uncompromising when it comes to ‘best patient care’. She also takes on additional responsibility and is a team player, not letting any one down in times of need.
ANGELENA FIXTER Angelena is the CEO of CRANES and has spent her working life in the field of human rights and not for profit turnarounds including working with street children in Africa, advocating for people with a brain injuries and she has also sat on the parliamentary committee for people with a disability. She joined the CRANES nearly 3 years ago and has been the driving force in instituting cultural change in the organization.
CHRISTINA JAGO Christina has been a resident of the Clarence Valley for over 40 years. She has always volunteered her time and services to organisations such as the Ulmarra CWA, Relay for Life, Rathgar Lodge Aged Care Facility, Grafton Regional Gallery and the Clarence Valley Conservatorium. Currently Christina is involved with a dance group who provide entertainment at aged care facilities across the Clarence Valley.
DES HARVEY Des is a passionate and devoted advocate for the Clarence Valley. Never one to shy away from supporting causes close to the heart of the community, Des has been involved in the Grafton Chamber of Commerce, Jacaranda Toastmasters, Rotary and Midday Rotary, City Centre Traders, Grafton and Maclean Show societies and Grafton Jacaranda Festival just to name a few. Des has been successful in promoting and securing advancement for the Clarence Valley and its community and has been a leader in the business community.
DOROTHY EGGINS Dorothy has taken her own experiences in overcoming metal health and turned it around to help and support others. Using media opportunities on television and radio Dorothy has opened up about the experience of mental health and how we as a community can help. Her work to raise funds to support mental health workers in the Clarence Valley has been highly regarded by all in the medical profession.
JUNE MASCORD June is a tireless worker for the greater good of the Yamba community. A dedicated member over the years of Yamba Lions and Yamba RSL, June could always be found running and coordinating events for the local community. As passionate artist June has created beautiful paintings to adorn the walls of local nursing homes for dementia patients and has also donated many of her paintings to raise funds for causes close to her heart.
LISA MARIE SHEEHAN In 2009 Lisa was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which is a progressive neurological disease that affects more than 23,000 Australians. Knowing no-one else with the disease Lisa formed a Clarence Valley peer support group helping those with MS to support each other. Her efforts in raising awareness and funds see Lisa featured in the MS Donate campaign. Despite her physical challenges Lisa also volunteers at St Vincent de Paul and Westpac Helicopter Rescue.
MELISSA LIVERMORE Melissa is affectionately known as “Aunty Mel’ She is a member of the Kamilaroi Nation and she has devoted her life to loving and caring for young people. Mel’s home is always open to any young person who needs somewhere safe, a meal, somewhere to sleep and someone to talk to. Mel also works as a Youth Worker at Camellia Cottage in South Grafton and much of the Cottage’s success can be attributed to Mel’s ability to win the respect of young people. Mel creates programs bringing together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to participate in personal development. She is also heavily involved with the successful Grafton Midnight Basketball program. Melissa is extremely humble and has orientated her life towards helping others.
PATRICK CONNELLY Pat is known for many things in the Clarence Valley including his contributions over the last 50 years to hockey, surf live saving, midnight basketball, u3A, Clarence River Historical Society, Youth off the Streets, the Pelican Playhouse and the Criterion Theatre. But arguably he is best known for his role every Jacaranda Thursday for the last 32 years as Dame Edna. Pat’s endless enthusiasm for the Grafton Jacaranda Festival saw him named as the Guest of Honour for 2017.
SKYE SEAR Skye has a passion for youth and disadvantaged members of our community. Still so young, yet Skye has contributed greatly to our community. Skye is the General Manager of the New School of Arts Neighbourhood House where she works to identify community service needs for youth and the disadvantaged and establishes programs to service these needs. Programs provide a place for people to obtain reliable information on health, well-being and mental health services in the Clarence Valley. Programs and events in 2017 included the Our Healthy Pop-Up Hubs and The Clarence Valley Ride for Youth with Morgan Pilley.
TONY KEOGH Tony has been organising fundraising events for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter for 20 years. The Hurford Hardwood Hell on Wheels initiative was his brain child and he has worked tirelessly over the last 20 years to make this event successful. Tony is a passionate and inspirational leader and organizer who is always keen to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.
VALMAI WOOD Val’s community spirit and great needlework skills led her to becoming one of the foundation members of the Craft Mini Mart. This Clarence Valley institution opened its doors in 1972 and has now been supplying lovingly made handicrafts to residents and their families for over 45 years with Val still involved today. She has also been a member of the Country Women’s Association of NSW since 1978.
VICKI JAMES Vicki has been the cornerstone and a key driving force behind the success of Yamba Parkrun. This free, weekly, safe, friendly, inclusive and fun 5 km run/walk event has provided a fantastic opportunity for many people, both locals and visitors alike, to improve their physical and social health. Knowing the opportunities good health has provided her in life Vicki is now keen to give some of her time back to the community.
WILLIAM CALVI William (Bill) has spent his entire professional working life in health services since graduating as a pharmacist in 1960. With the goal to always provide the best health outcomes for all patients Bill has been a friendly caring face behind the pharmacy counter in the Clarence Valley for over 50 years. To Bill, pharmacy is not just about filling prescriptions, but about giving his sincere advice to promote health awareness which contributes to the betterment of all the community.
SALLY ROGERS Sally is the hands on president and operator of Happy Paws Haven. Along with a dedicated band of volunteers Sally cares for pets waiting to be adopted into loving homes. Happy Paws has rehomed over 2,500 animals since establishment in 2006. Along with the day to day running of the shelter Sally educates volunteers, carers and students in all aspects of responsible pet care and ownership. Sally has shown her resilience, dedication and passion through tough times in the last 12 months.

CLARENCE VALLEY CONSERVATION IN ACTION LANDCARE The Clarence Valley Conservation in Action Landcare (CVCIA) is a group of ‘hard core, on the ground’ volunteers committed to undertaking local projects that actively help out the environment and native animal species that live in the Clarence Valley. Their unofficial motto is ‘Come on, do something!’. The CVCIA is the only Landcare group in NSW that specialises in controlling the pest species of the Common Myna bird and the Cane Toad, with the Clarence Valley being at the southern frontline for the cane toad infestation on the Australian east coast. The group is out and about stopping the pests themselves but also educates local people about what to look for to control the spread of these pests in their own backyard.
CLARENCE YOUTH ACTION The Clarence Youth Action (CYA) is an inclusive group of 12-29 year olds working to increase youth engagement in community initiatives. Some of their recent projects include: ASK Youth Film project, Zombie Walks, SpookFest, Shades of Purple and a series of community conversations engaging over 500 young people. They work with Clarence Valley Council, local community groups, service providers and business in partnership to create inclusive events and activities.
LAWRENCE HALL The Lawrence Hall celebrated its 125th Birthday surrounded by supporters and well-wishers from near and far. An important historical figure in the local landscape the Lawrence Hall has seen its fair share of events throughout its life. With a party to celebrate, the grounds and hall interior were decked out with memorabilia from times gone by. The proceedings were coordinated by a dedicated committee of volunteers.
MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL Midnight Basketball is a national social inclusion program to help "at risk" youth build skills and confidence, and identify and embrace positive opportunities in their community. The program provides a positive highly structured and life-changing activity filling a gap during the high-risk Friday night and is free for participants to attend. Midnight Basketball aims to build strong relationships with community leaders and community mentors who are involved as role models to participants.

ALLAN SMITH Allan always has the community of Lawrence and his family and friends who live there at the forefront of his thoughts. Always checking in on others to see how he can help, Allan is tireless in what he has to give. No task is too big or small and Allan is always looking for ways to make the lives of others easier. Living out of town can be isolating but Allan is always there to ensure his family and friends are cared for.
BOB WINTERS Bob is a genuine, passionate and friendly Grafton local. Always the first to put up his hand to help others in need, Bob is full good advice and local references for the places to go and people to see to get yourself settled into town. A great ambassador for living locally Bob has helped others to get established and see the town he loves through his eyes.
CORALEE BLANCHARD Coralee supports our local community in many ways always happy to lend a helping hand. If she isn’t caring for the plants in the fragrant gardens in Copmanhurst. Coralee can be found caring for the animals at Happy Paws Haven. This caring nature comes naturally to her after years of teaching and then nursing at the children's ward at Grafton Base Hospital.
DANIELLE CONNOLLY Danielle is the current president of the Yamba Surf Club nippers, and the branch president of the Far North Coast SLSC branch. She has been a tireless role model for both participating nippers and parents, and leads by example with her solid work ethic. Danielle’s initiatives have seen a dramatic increase in parental involvement over the last 3 seasons. Danielle's own children are all grown and are no longer involved with nippers, so her involvement with the Club is completely altruistic.
NOEL BACKMAN Noel Backman is the kind of man who goes above and beyond for those in his community and is a firm part of the Glenreagh landscape. If Noel is not out helping a neighbour in need you can find him volunteering his services to the local Lions Club and Fire Brigade. Communities with people like Noel in them are the kind of places we all want to live in.
PATRICIA CROWE Pat has served in the Clarence Valley as a volunteer with the State Emergency Service (SES) since 1964. Throughout her years of service Pat has seen nearly every type of major disaster come through our community. Currently Pat holds the role of Volunteer Unit Controller which is an integral role within the SES.
PHIL BAILEY Phil has lived and quietly contributed to the Clarence Valley nearly his whole life, and although part of many sporting and community groups, his assistance to people is mainly through his own initiative and get up and go. He is always the first bloke to help a mate out. In typical Aussie form, he loves a laugh and to make others laugh, sometimes through harmless practical jokes. Phil has helped people save their homes from fires, fixed their broken down cars, and offered endless hospitality. He makes the Clarence Valley a great place to live.
ROBYN GRAY Robyn is a volunteer for both WIRES and Happy Paws Haven. She is a devoted lover and career of all animals following her beliefs that all lives are important. Robyn gives her time freely to these causes which are both close to her heart, and would do anything to benefit the animals she is so devoted too. Robyn is a complete asset to both charities.

ACACIA ENDEAN Acacia brought many skills to the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group over the last 6 months in her role as secretary. With a degree in communications, Acacia has been a strong advocate for mental health and social justice. Her sunny disposition, humour and intellect have served the group well over her time in CYA.
COLBIE CAMERON Colbie is as a strong leader in the Maclean community as a Clarence Youth Action (CYA) member. Colbie is an engaged and reliable member of CYA, and is a passionate member of the lower Clarence. Colbie has been involved as a hardworking volunteer in a number of community events and activities and loves the planning process.
DAWN CHELSEA Dawn recently joined the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group. With a love for the Clarence Valley community, Dawn has shown she has what it takes to be a dedicated volunteer. Her interest in working with others to support the youth of the Clarence Valley makes her a perfect fit for the CYA.
GABRIELLE ANDREW Gabi has been part of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group for 13 months and president for the last 6 months. Over this time, Gabi has demonstrated considerable loyalty, reliability, commitment, passion and volunteer hours to make the Clarence Valley a better place for young people. Rather than sitting about and complaining about what needs to change, Gabi is part of the change the Clarence Valley needs for the young people that live here.
HANNA CRAIG Hanna holds the position of communication coordinator for the Clarence Youth Action (CYA). As a member of the group for the last 10 months, Hanna has spent time as a strong campaigner for the group including liaising with media, managing social media pages and as a passionate advocate for youth mental health and wellbeing. Hanna often acts as the glue for the groups organisation.
JEREMY JABLONSKI Jeremy has been passionate about youth and community from a young age, he started volunteering at youth focused programs and events from the age of 16. Even through his two businesses Hip-Hop DownUnder and Jempire Events, Jeremy almost always has a focus on youth. Jeremy acts as a natural mediator and mentor for many of the young people within the Clarence Valley. He commits many hours as a youth worker, volunteer and event manager ensuring young people are listened to, supported connected and having fun.
KATE MCGURIE Kate is one of the original founding members of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group. Kate has come and gone in the group over the past 2 years due to a number of study commitments, but when Kate is involved she commits 110%. Kate has been integral in the planning and preparation for events, ideas and named the Youth Action Youth Age festival for Youth Week 2017.
KATELYN FERGUSON Katelyn is a quiet, caring and considerate member of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group. Since joining 13 months ago, Katelyn has volunteered many hours planning and participating in CYA events. Katelyn also acts a strong advocate for the LGBTIQ youth and Aboriginal community and is a social justice advocate. Katelyn's contribution through her work in the group has been invaluable.
KEEGAN WOLDSETH KING Keegan cares deeply about young people in the Clarence Valley having their voices heard. Keegan’s studies in community services have brought a range of knowledge and perspective into the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group over the past 12 months since he joined. With a passion to make sure everyone is safe, Keegan is always thinking ahead and planning the risk assessments and WHS needs for the events and activities run by the CYA.
MARLEY NIPPS Marley has been part of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group for 10 months and shows a great commitment to volunteering for the community. Marley is always there when you need him. There hasn't been an event where Marley has not worked tirelessly to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Marley's quirky sense of humour and vibrant personality is adored by the group.
NADINE SEDGER Nadine is reliable, passionate and caring member of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA). Joining 10 months ago, Nadine has demonstrated inspirational dedication and personal growth as a committed volunteer and passionate advocate for wellbeing within the group. Nadine is a sunny, helpful and caring member of the group.
SAGE KIRBY Sage has been a reliable and regular member of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group for the past 5 months. Ensuring that he has had a say in the development of new projects and events, Sage has spent many hours as a volunteer ensuring that young people get the most out of local events and initiatives in the community.
SHANIA KNIGHT Shania has a huge heart and cares so much for other young people both inside and outside of Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group. Shania has used her own experiences to help other young people who are in need. Shania regularly attends events and her sunny personality, humour and positivity brightens up the day of so many people. Shania works hard as a volunteer at events and makes sure that everybody feels welcome and has a great time!
TIA KELLERMAN Tia has been part of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group for only 1 month, but over this time, Tia has demonstrated considerable commitment, passion and volunteer hours to make the Clarence Valley a better place for young people through her planning, dedication, reliability to the group and the greater Clarence Valley community.
ZAK MASTERS Zak is a reliable, friendly, humorous and supportive member of the Clarence Youth Action (CYA) group. Zak's passion for mental health and wellbeing has been demonstrated through the work that he does within the group and is inspiring. Zak is extremely dependable and his commitment as group treasurer has contributed to the group's success and wellbeing.

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