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Development applications

Development assessment is a core business function of Council. We work to make accurate and timely decisions on development applications by assessing them against the provisions of the relevant planning law.

Development application (DA) packages are available to assist both existing businesses and new investors with getting started and getting it right.

Check here to download the pack that matches your development description.

Staying up to-date on the progress of an application is simple and can be followed on-line at Development Application Tracking.

Development management unit

Council's development management unit (DMU) offer a pre-lodgement service to all DA applicants.

DMUs are an opportunity to present concepts, identify issues and seek planning and engineering advice before the lodgement of your development application. Contact Council's customer service team on 02 6643 0200 to organise a DMU booking.


We often call for tenders to carry out works or supply goods and services. Add this page to your favourites; you can get the latest information on the tender process and tenders currently being advertised.

Business rates

Rates are levied to provide the community with a diverse range of services, facilities, programs and events. Businesses also benefit directly with Council using these funds to manage and maintain enabling infrastructures.

For further information about Council's Business rates, email Council's Rates Team -


For further information contact:
Clarence Valley Council
Economic Development Team
p: 02 6643 0200

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