Planning Proposal for amendments to Clarence Valley LEP 2011

On display until 11 March 2024, 04:00 PM

Council has adopted a draft Planning Proposal to make amendments to the CVLEP as follows:

  1. Heritage related amendments including:
    A) Updates to mapping and property descriptions and anomalies in the listings of several heritage items in CVLEP Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage and Heritage Maps
    B)Inclusion of additional individual heritage items identified by owners, members of the public or Council; including Iluka Obelisk, 2 Sandstone Culverts, Stone Kerb and Gutter Maclean, and a dwelling located at 90 Victoria Street.
    C) Consequential amendments to the Heritage Map and Schedule 5 of the LEP

2. Rezoning of publicly owned land (Council and Crown Land and National Parks) consistent with their function and purpose; Glenreagh Water Pump Station, the Everlasting Swamp National Park and New Grafton Bridge.

3. Minor amendments of zone boundaries, lot size and height of building maps to address anomalies with approved residential subdivision boundaries at Glenreagh, and South Grafton Golf Club.

4. Deletion of the “optional” subclauses 4.2D(2)(c)and 5.5(b) 100m separation distance requirement between a secondary dwelling/dual occupancy and the principle dwelling on land parcels located within rural zones. This proposed amendment is to provide more flexibility in locating a secondary dwelling or dual occupancy on rural land in the most optimal position on the land, particularly where environmental hazards and constraints may impact ability to meet this clause. Note that Clause 4.2D(c) and 5.5(b) subclauses are optional clauses from the NSW LEP Template and is not opposed by DPE.

5. Deletion of “crematoria” as prohibited development in the E4 General Industrial Land Use Table, to allow development for the purpose of “crematoria” to be permitted with consent within this land use zone.

Submissions close Monday, 11 March 2024.

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