Replacement of Maclean reservoir roof

  • Project typeWater Cycle
  • Completion Date30 November 2021
Maclean reservoir roof 4.JPG
What's happening?
  • We have completed the replacing the roof on the 21 megalitre reservoir in Maclean.
  • The existing roof had come to an end of its useful life.
When's it happening?
  • Works starts on 17 September with scouring the pipes and emptying the reservoir.
  • The new roof will be fully installed by 1 November.
  • Customers in Maclean and the Lower River may notice minor changes in water pressure during the works.
  • Maclean and Lower River areas will be operating on a smaller storage capacity and customers are reminded of permanent water conservation measures.
  • The reservoir will be cleaned and the new roof will protect the water supply from any potential pollutants or contaminants ensuring high quality drinking water is supplied to households.