Assisted School Travel Program

1300 338 278 (toll free) between 8am and 5pm Mon-Fri

Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP) provides individualised transport to and from school for 10,500 eligible students across NSW.

The Department of Education Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP) plays a significant role in meeting the needs of eligible students with disability by providing free specialised transport to and from school where parents and carers are unable to provide or arrange transport for the student either fully or in part.

A student must be enrolled in a government or non-government school before an application for assisted school travel can be processed. Applications are assessed in accordance with the program's eligibility criteria based on the individual travel support needs of students.

Please contact your school principal to discuss eligibility.  Use the link to the schools website to find and complete an application form.

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Entry is free and it is available for non-profit groups and organisations.