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Our Development Application tracker allows you to view details of applications lodged since 1 January 2015.

Applications determined this week

Show Application ID Application Type Lodgement Date Details
DA2020/0275 Development Applications 27-05-2020 86 Boormans Lane LOWER SOUTHGATE NSW 2460
MOD2020/0020 Section 4.55 Amendment 04-05-2020 107 Sanders Road MOLEVILLE CREEK NSW 2460
Modification of DA2020/0080 - Install sanitary facilities in shed
MOD2020/0019 Section 4.55 Amendment 01-05-2020 4 Cranworth Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Modification of DA2020/0123 - Relocate laundry
DA2020/0158 Development Applications 20-03-2020 2 Mookin Street TUCABIA NSW 2462
Demolish three sheds and erect storage shed
DA2020/0113 Development Applications 03-03-2020 53A Rawdon Street LAWRENCE NSW 2460
Deck & awning, swimming pool & shed
DA2018/0449 Development Applications 06-08-2018 26 Ocean Road BROOMS HEAD NSW 2463
Viewing deck
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