Waterways & flooding

Flood emergency information

Flood emergency information

Information on what to do in an flood emergency

Flood Modelling Animations

Flood Modelling Animations

Flood modelling animations produced by BMT WBM Australia.

Clarence floodplain project

The ’Clarence Floodplain Project’ was established in 1997

Flood level enquiries

For information on flood level heights and depths at general locations please refer to The Lower Clarence River Flood Study Review

Flood Mapping Information

Link to Council’s On-line mapping

Floodplain engineering

Council’s flood mitigation assets are valued at a replacement cost of over two hundred million dollars

Floodplain projects

Works carried out by Floodplain Services

Floodplain risk management plans

Council has embarked upon a major planning process for floodplain management

Historical flood information

Historical flood information for the Clarence Valley including flood levels and flows

Local Emergency Management Committee

To prepare the community for disasters this committee is responsible for an all agencies comprehensive approach to emergency planning in the Clarence Valley LGA.

Photo gallery

Photo gallery for flood and waterways

Prince Street Gauge Camera

These images are provided to enhance the community’s preparedness for disaster events.

Floodplain Risk Management Committee

The NSW Floodplain Development Manual states that Council are required to establish a Floodplain Risk Management Committee (FPRMC).

Bluff Bridge Monitoring Station

This section provides information regarding Bluff Bridge Monitoring Station

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