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Animal Pound is on Facebook

Animal Pound is on Facebook

Council's Animal Management Facility aims to rehome all suitable healthy animals.

Barking dogs

Barking dogs

What to do if you are troubled by a barking dog

Companion Animals - Division of Local Government

This site contains information and resources for dog and cat owners, breeders, pet shops, vets, authorised identifiers and councils in NSW

Dangerous and menacing dogs

What must I know if my dog is declared dangerous or menacing?

Looking for a new pet

Give a pound animal a second chance

Missing companion animals

What to do if your dog or cat goes missing

Off leash areas

Find out where the off-leash areas are

Registering your cat or dog

All pets (cats and dogs), by law, must be microchipped and then registered within 6 months of their birth

Responsible pet ownership

Includes proper housing, feeding, control, care and breeding

Restricted breed dogs

What must I know if my dog is declared a restricted breed?

Report a Dog Attack

This section provides information regarding Report a Dog Attack

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