Special Rates Variation

Special Rate Variations (SRV's) provide the opportunity for Council's to vary their general income by an amount greater than the annual rate peg (2.3% for 2018/19).

At the 21 November 2017 Ordinary Council meeting (Item 13.070/17), Council resolved to apply for a Section 508A SRV of 8% p.a. (including the rate peg limit) for 3 years commencing 1 July 2018, which is a cumulative increase in ordinary rates of 25.97% by year 3 (2020/21) of the SRV (with the cumulative increase permanently built into the general rate after the 3 year SRV period has ceased). Council notified IPART on 23 November 2017 of its intent to make an SRV application of that nature. The additional income from the SRV above the rate peg as per Item 13.070/17 is to be used to achieve General Fund Financial Sustainability and General Fund Asset Sustainability.

On 9 November 2017 the Office of Local Government released the ‘Guidelines for the Preparation of an Application for a Special Variation to General Income for 2018/19’ which set the criteria against which applications are assessed and provides information on how and when to apply.

Within the guidelines key dates in the SRV process were outlined, and are as follows:

Date Outcome
12 February 2018 Special Variation applications due
15 May 2018 Determinations announced for special variations and minimum rates

As part of Council’s SRV application a request for minimum rate increases will be included.

Council lodged its application with IPART on 12 February 2018 (see the below listed documents).

Submissions regarding Council’s SRV application can be made directly to IPART until 12 March 2018, and these submissions will be considered as part of IPART’s determination.

Special Variation Application Form - Part A for 2018-19 Excel 1.2Mb
Special Variation Application Form - Part B for 2018-19 PDF 7.8Mb
Attachment 1 – Final Improvement Strategies PDF 3Mb
Attachment 2 - Community Engagement Plan PDF 727kb
Attachment 3 – TCorp Financial Assessment and Sustainability Report 2016 PDF 727kb
Attachment 4 - Resolution to apply for the proposed special variation PDF 2Mb
Attachment 5 - Extract of Assessment of Fit for the Future Proposal October 2015 PDF 767kb
Attachment 6 - Extract of Revised 2017-18 to 2026-27 Asset Management Strategy Version 2 PDF  1.7Mb
Attachment 7 - LTFP with projected General Fund Financial Statements PDF 343kb
Attachment 8 - IP&R Documents Exhibition Report PDF 1.2Mb
Attachment 9 - 2017-18 IPR SRV May to June submissions PDF 8.3Mb
Attachment 10a -10i Media Releases PDF 1.4Mb
Attachments 11, 19, and 20 Survey Form/Survey Results PDF 726kb
Attachment 12 - SRV Pamphlet PDF 2.1Mb
Attachment 13 - GM and Mayor Letter PDF 230kb
Attachment 14 - Rate Rise Ad Community Information Sessions October 2017 PDF 487kb
Attachment 15 - Block Ads - 29-30.9.17, 6-7.10.17, and 20-21.10.17 PDF 1.8Mb
Attachment 16 - Radio Script PDF 23kb
Attachment 17 - Facebook post 24-10-17 PDF 55kb
Attachment 18 - Community Information Meetings Presentation PDF 648kb
Attachment 21 - SRV submission summary PDF 127kb
Attachment 22 - Collated Submissions PDF 29.7Mb
Attachment 23 - Combined Submissions to Revised 2017-18 IP&R Version 2 documents PDF 649kb
Attachment 24 - Revised Delivery Program Version 2 PDF 4.1Mb
Attachment 25 - Rates Hardship Policy PDF 173kb
Attachment 26 - Rates Hardship Application form PDF 104kb
Attachment 27 - Extracts from Community Strategic Plan 'The Clarence 2027' PDF 804kb
Attachment 28 - Block Ads December 15-16 2017 PDF 1.9Mb
Attachment 29 - Allocation of funds above rate peg only path from SRV between 2018-19 and 2026-27 PDF 377kb
Attachment 30 - Council Resolution to adopt Revised DP Version 2 PDF 910kb
Attachment 31 - Certification PDF 82kb


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