Integrated Planning and Reporting

Councils in New South Wales are supported by Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework which is an integrated approach to all planning. We have been successfully meeting our IP&R obligations since its introduction in 2009. IP&R is also informed by other State and Regional Plans for example, the Disability Inclusion Action Plan and the North Coast Regional Plan 2036.

IP&R consists of the 10 year Community Strategic Plan, the 4 Year Delivery Program plus annual Operational Plans in the years covered by the Program. The Community Strategic Plan, ‘The Clarence 2027’, is a review and update of the ‘Our Community Plan 2015-2024’ community strategic plan which itself replaced the ‘Interim Valley Vision 2024’ of 2013.

‘The Clarence 2027’ came into effect in July 2017 once it was adopted in June after considering feedback from the community during the exhibition period.

What is the Delivery Program?

The Delivery Program is a statement of commitment to the community from each elected council. It provides a reference of all activities to be undertaken by Council from July 2017 to June 2021.

It forms part of our Integrated Planning and Reporting framework which brings together our various plans and assists in understanding how they interact and to get maximum leverage from our efforts by planning holistically.

The Delivery Program aims to implement the objectives established in The Clarence 2027, and addresses priorities expressed by the community under the following themes:

  • Society
  • Infrastructure
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Leadership

What is the Operational Plan?

Supporting the Delivery Program is our annual Operational Plan which is broken down into actions, our service delivery targets and major capital works that Council will strive to achieve during 2018/19.

Other IP&R documents are also available for download below.

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