Clarence Valley Australia Day Awards Event

Clarence Valley Australia Day Awards Event

2020 Australia Day Winners

2020 Australia Day Awards night brochure

2020 Australia Day Nominees

2019 Australia Day Winners

2019 Australia Day Nominees 

If you have someone in mind that you would like to nominate next year, make sure you keep an eye out in the news papers and on our website or facebook pages to see when our next round of nominations open. 

We want to share as much information with our community as possible, below is some information that might be helpful if you are thinking of nominating someone in the future. 

Our Values:

Let’s celebrate all the great things about Australia and being Australian. Our people, land, diversity, sense of fair go, lifestyle, democracy and the freedoms we all enjoy, Australia Day is a day to reflect on our national journey: acknowledge our past, rejoice in the present and look confidently to our future.

 On Australia Day let’s recommit to making Australia an even better place, Australia Day is a day for all Australians – whatever their background.

Our multicultural nation, and our acceptance of diversity, is one of the things that makes Australia great, Australia Day means something different to everyone, so celebrate your way on 26 January.

Our Purpose:

The aim of the Clarence Valley Australia Day Awards is to highlight people and organisations changing lives and society for the better within the Clarence Valley.

Someone whose challenges and triumphs are manifested in their life experience and personal journey, beyond their career achievements.

A person who has taken risks, done the hard yards and been a pioneer that has had a positive impact on a wide range of people’s lives.

The Award should ideally bring focus to the area of work the person has achieved during the year they have been recognised.

Citizens can be nominated in and recognised for any of the four categories their nominator selects.

  1. Citizen of the Year,
  2. Young Citizen of the Year,
  3. Community Achievement (applicable to a group only),
  4. Local Hero.

How does the awards process work?

  • Clarence Valley Council residents are invited to nominate someone who makes them proud.
  • Nominations are short-listed.
  • Nominations are judged by a community Australia Day selection panel. The selection panel is chaired by a Councillor nominated by Council as the Australia Day Advocate who oversees the selection process.
  • All those nominated and submitting a nomination are invited to the Awards dinner in January of the up coming year.
  • Award winners in each category are announced at the awards dinner.

If someone has previously received an Award, can they be nominated again?
Yes! However, a person cannot receive a second award in the same award category, for example a nominee can not receive Citizen of the Year if already has been awarded Citizen of the Year previously, but can be considered for recognition in a separate category, for example Young Citizen of the Year and then Citizen of the Year.

If I nominate someone and they do not receive an award, can I nominate them the following year?
Yes, you can nominate them for as many future years as you like.



How are the winners chosen? We recruit a selection panel! 

Are you interested in being apart of our selection panel? Get in touch with us to register your interest to be apart of this very important panel. 

The Panel
The Selection Panel will be required to meet once to discuss and assess the nominations received and select the Clarence Valley’s award recipients.

For more information contact Karlie Chevalley via e: p: 6643 0212


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