Brooms Head

The Brooms Head Beach and Lake Cakora Draft Coastal Zone Management Plan has been certified by the NSW Minister for the Environment and is being progressively implemented.

The CZMP provides management direction for the coastline between Cakora Point and Redcliff, including the beach, the southern headland and Lake Cakora until 2023. The NSW Coastal Management Act 2016 (yet to be commenced) requires that a new coastal management program (new terminology to replace a CZMP) will be prepared prior by 2023.

The CZMP includes details of the Emergency Action Sub Plan (EASP) for Brooms Head.The EASP (at Appendix C of the CZMP) outlines what is regarded as a coastal emergency and how Council will manage a coastal erosion or coastal flooding emergency.  Actions may be required by residents and visitors in an emergency event to minimise risk to human life and property.

Other management strategies in the latest CZMP include:

  • investigation of geotechnical conditions and revise coastal hazard
  • extend, monitor and maintain revetments
  • dune and natural area management
  • implement development controls to manage coastal risk
  • stormwater management and water quality
  • Lake Cakora entrance management
  • education
  • beach access management
  • monitoring and review
  • compliance
  • management of foreshore facilities
  • maintaining beach amenity

Council will seek to implement actions in the CZMP according to the priority in the certified Plan.

For further enquires please contact Council’s Environmental Planning Coordinator Scott Lenton on (02) 6643 0234.

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