Parking - tips and rules for safe and legal parking

Safe and legal parking tips and tricks.

Safe and legal parking tips and tricks

  • Read all signs - regulated parking areas are clearly sign posted to advise motorist of parking requirements for that particular area, paying particular attention to multiple signs and time restrictions.
  • “No Parking” areas can be utilised for drop off and pick up zones where the driver does not stay longer than 2 minutes and is within 3 metres of the vehicle.
  • Be aware of signage changes as some timed zones may become School Zones, Clearways, Transit Lanes or Bus Lanes.
  • Do not stop at anytime in a No Stopping zone, Clearway or Bus Zone.
  • Only park in a Loading Zone if your vehicle is principally designed for the carrying of goods. Sedans are not permitted at any time.
  • Disabled Zones are designated for vehicles with a valid RTA Mobility Parking Scheme permit, which has to be displayed clearly on your vehicle in the correct manner.
  • Do not park within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights.
  • Ask a Council Ranger for assistance or advice regarding parking rules - they are only too happy to provide assistance and advice, directions and general information about parking related matters within the  Clarence Valley Council area.

Information regarding the Australian Road Rules can be accessed through the Roads and Maritime Service:

Parking fines - illegal parking

Parking fines are set by legislation administered by the Road Transport & Maritime Service of NSW (RMS). The monetary value of parking fines is set by legislation administered by the Road Transport & Maritime Service and NSW Treasury.

Councils do not set or amend parking fine penalties.

Council's Parking Rangers cannot withdraw a notice once issued. Once a notice has been issued, there is an appeals procedure which can be made directly to Revenue NSW.
Council's Rangers are trained to assist members of the public with their requests for information and advice regarding parking related matters and general advice. 

I have been fined, now what can I do?

Pay the fine

You must pay the fine within 21 days of it being issued.

Visit the Revenue NSW website or for information on how to pay your fine.

Please Note: Clarence Valley Council cannot accept payment of fines, all payments must be made directly to Revenue NSW.

Appeal the fine

  • You may appeal this fine in the follow manner: Submit a written representation to Revenue NSW, a review form can be download and submitted from the Revenue NSW web site.
  • By electing to go to Court and have the matter heard by a sitting magistrate.

For further information regarding these options or if you are having trouble paying the penalty amount, you will need to contact Revenue NSW who will then further advise of what options are available to you.

Fined Out - A practical guide for people having problems with fines.






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