Citizenship ceremonies

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies are held at Council for residents who wish to become Australian citizens.


All citizenship ceremonies have been cancelled due to the Australian Government’s precautionary measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Further COVID-19 information is available on the Department of Health website at

We apologise for any inconvenience. When the situation changes the Department will write to you to schedule a new citizenship ceremony date.

The answers to the following frequently asked questions may address your enquiry.

1.    I want to ask about the progress of my application

2.    I have changed my contact details or my personal details

3.    I want an urgent Citizenship ceremony

4.    I need to travel while waiting for my ceremony date

5.    Citizenship ceremonies


1.    I want to ask about the progress of my application

We do not provide progress updates.  If we require further information regarding your application, we will contact you. 

If you have applied for Australian citizenship and your application has not yet been finalised, your application will be assessed against the existing eligibility criteria for Australian citizenship.

 Once your application is finalised and ceremonies are re-scheduled, you will be placed on your council waitlist and allocated to a ceremony in accordance with your date of approval.

2.   I have changed my contact details or my personal details

It is important that you notify the Department if your contact details change (e.g. address, phone number, email address)

Please update your details on your ImmiAccount or  By updating your details through your ImmiAccount, the changes will be immediate.

 If you did not apply online using ImmiAccount, please complete a 'Form 929 - Change of address and/or passport details' and email the completed form to 

3.   I want an urgent Citizenship ceremony.

People are encouraged to attend public ceremonies. However, in genuinely urgent, compelling and unforeseen circumstances, the Department may agree to conduct a Departmental citizenship ceremony.

Requests for urgent processing will only be considered in very exceptional circumstances and must be accompanied by evidence to support those circumstances

Please note: overseas holidays, visiting sick relatives, business trips, working overseas, or general employment opportunities are not considered exceptional circumstances. 

4.   I need to travel while waiting for my ceremony date

If you need to travel overseas before you acquire Australian citizenship, you must ensure you maintain your permanent resident status in Australia and confirm if any travel bans are currently in place.

Please obtain or renew your passport from your current country of citizenship AND ensure you have a valid Resident Return Visa if the travel facility in your previous visa has ceased or will cease before you return to Australia.  This requirement also applies to children.  Information on the eligibility criteria for a Resident Return Visa is available from our website here.

5.    Citizenship Ceremonies

Once your application has been approved, arrangements will be made for you to attend a citizenship ceremony where you will make the Pledge of commitment.  Making the Pledge is the final legal requirement to becoming an Australian citizen. 

You will be invited to attend a ceremony at your local council once ceremonies are re-scheduled. You will receive an email invitation or letter of invitation by post usually three weeks before the ceremony date. You will be allocated to the next ceremony with available places in your local council area (please note, you must attend a ceremony in your local council area).

You should notify the Department by contacting 131 880, if you are unable to attend your ceremony. In most cases you will be invited to a subsequent ceremony. Please do not approach your local council as they do not decide who attends each ceremony. 

Please check the Department’s website regularly for further updates.

Thank you.

NSW Citizenship Ceremonies Team


About Australian Citizenship 

Australia is a diverse society, one that celebrates the richness of its community.

Citizenship is a way of uniting and gathering the people of Australia as one. It is about people sharing in the common goal of making Australia an even better place, building on their diverse heritages.

Becoming an Australian Citizen

Detailed information can be obtained by visiting the Department of Immigration's web site or phone the Department on 131 880.

Once your application is approved, the Mayor of your local Council (or the General Manager should the Mayor be absent) bestows your citizenship.

Citizenship Ceremonies 

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies are held at Council for residents who wish to become Australian citizens. Citizenship ceremonies have an important symbolic role because they formally welcome new citizens from many cultures into the Australian family.

The ceremony is a formal part of the citizenship process. A person becomes an Australian citizen on the date he or she attends the citizenship ceremony and makes the Pledge of commitment to Australia.

Clarence Valley Council has developed several options for the ceremonies:

  • An annual ceremony as part of Australia Day activities. 
  • An individual or small group ceremony, with family and friends also welcome.
  • An individual private ceremony.

The citizenship ceremonies are simple yet dignified occasions. The main elements include: 

  • Official welcome 
  • An address by the Mayor 
  • Pledge of commitment to Australia 
  • Presentation of certificates of Australian citizenship 
  • Presentation of gift of a tree or shrub to all new citizens 
  • Completion of an application for the Electoral Roll

All enquiries about Council's role in Citizenship should be directed to the Office of the Mayor on 02 6643 0200.



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