All food businesses, fixed or temporary are required to be registered with Council. A registration form is available from this site.

Fixed Food Premises

If you are intending on opening a new food business within the Clarence Valley Council area, you will most likely be required to submit a Development Application to Council for approval PRIOR to constructing or operating that food business. When lodging a Development Application, Council requires detailed plans and elevations of food preparation and food storage areas. Plans are to include the finishes of floors, walls, ceilings, benches and shelves, elevations of fixtures and fittings and location of sinks and hand wash basins. Council's example plan will assist in the preparation of your Development Application. Your first step, however, should be to contact one of Council's Environmental Health Officers to discuss all the legislative requirements on (02) 6643 0200.

Food businesses must comply with national legislation known as the Food Safety Standards. To view these Standards or other resources available to help food businesses comply with the relevant legislation you should visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

To aid businesses in ensuring they comply with the Food Safety Standards, Council has available a fit out guide for the construction or renovation of a food premises. The guide will provide assistance for you in fitting out your food premises to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Each fixed food premises is charged an annual fee by Council, for more information regarding this fee please click here

Council requires new food businesses or business operators to complete a registration form prior to opening.  This form should be completed and returned to Council’s Environmental Health Officers.

Mobile/Temporary Food Premises & Hawking Foods

Approval to sell food from mobile or temporary food stalls and Hawking foods from Council streets' is determined by Council's Mobile Food Vehicles, Temporary Food Stalls & Hawking Policy.

There are many markets held within the Clarence Valley Council area each weekend as well as many events throughout the year such as the Jacaranda Festival, Highland Festival, Shows etc. A list of events can be viewed here. To operate a mobile food vehicle or food stall at one of these events you should fill out the Mobile Food Vendor Application Form and then contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on 6643 0200. Fees apply for approval, current fees may be viewed here.

Please note all food stalls must comply with the NSW Food Authority's Temporary Events Guidlines. This Artist's Impression of a Temporary Food Stall shows how a food stall can be set up to meet Council requirements. Mobile food vehicles (such as caravans/trailers etc.) must comply with the NSW Food Authority's Guidelines for Mobile Vending Vehicles.

Should you wish to sell food from your mobile food vehicle off Council's Streets (i.e. driving around selling food) you will be required to fill out the Mobile Food Vendor Application Form and Contact Council's Environmental Health Officer to ensure your operation will be approved.

Food Safety Supervisor (FSS)

As of 1 October 2010 the 12 month implementation period began for the Food Safety Supervisor program. This means that impacted businesses in the hospitalities and retail food service sector have until 1 October 2011 to appoint a fully trained FSS and notify Council of their FSS details. Most retail food businesses and mobile food businesses will be required to comply with the FSS requirements. For further information and to access a list of approved training organisations for our area visit the NSW Food Authorities Food Safety Supervisor page.

Businesses can notify their Food Safety Supervisor by filling out this form and submitting it to council.

I'm Alert Food Safety Online Program

Any food handler that will not be completing the Food Safety Supervisor formal training can access the I'm Alert Food Safety Training Program through our Council website. The program provides interactive training in all areas of food hygiene and safety. The program is provided by Council for FREE and any member of your staff can access the program by visiting the I'm Alert page of Council's website.

Foodies Newsletter

Council's Environmental Health Officers release a Foodies Newsletter every quarter, the newsletter is full of relevant information for food businesses, copies of the newsletter can be accessed here. Should you wish to receive this newsletter directly into your inbox - subscribe now by visiting here.


There are many helpful factsheets available for your food business and food handlers; they can be accessed from NSW Food Authority.


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