Drought Management & Water Efficiency

The Water Efficiency Strategic Plan plays a vital role in reducing the need for a much larger water storage facility than the recently completed Shannon Creek Dam.

The Water Efficiency Strategic Plan was established to cover a fifty year time period to 2046. It is a real commitment to a more ecologically sustainable future in the way we use and manage water in the region. It is a framework for a range of key action plans, which address how we gain and use water. We know the value of water in the environment is greater than just for us. The Plan acknowledges the importance of protecting the environment in our region, particularly the benefits of restoring river and waterway quality, protecting river catchments and maintaining ecological integrity for other life-forms and ecosystems. In the face of likely challenges created by Climate Change this awareness requires additional effort and actions. We are committed to a genuine effort in this regard, as well as providing a secure water supply for our communities.

Initiatives and achievements have been realised to carry the plan forward. Examples include a wide range of financial rebates for the community for water efficient fittings, demonstration water efficient gardens, support for using water tanks for homes, businesses and schools, community education including the Waterwise Schools education program, re-use schemes, and 'Sustainable Water' development control plans.

Drought Management is undertaken in accordance with the adopted drought management plan.

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