Maclean Talking Trail

There is a lot more to Maclean than just its Scottish heritage - take a walk and discover the stories surround you.

Maclean Talking Trail logoWalk through the living history of Maclean with the new Maclean Talking Trail. Take a stroll, full of tales from our colourful past and vibrant present. Although Maclean proudly shows its Scottish heritage, there is a lot more to this sleepy town.

Maclean has a rich heritage, beautifully restored buildings, interesting characters and hidden landmarks – an unguided visitor could easily miss out!

Talking Trails are self-guided walking tours into the past: it is a way to discover the history, culture and stories surrounding you.

Download the walking map and brochure here (PDF 597KB)

You can download the digital commentary for the talking trail to your mobile device from the links below.  

Maclean Talking Trail

What? Download link
1. Ulugundahi Island  Download Ulugundahi Island mp3
2. Woolitji House download Wootlitji House mp3
3. Hollywood Theatre download Hollywood Theatre mp3
4. Conroy & Stewart download Conroy & Stewart mp3
5. Post Office download Post Office mp3
6. Police Station download Police Station mp3
7. Court House download Court House mp3
8. Old Ashby Ferry Ramp download Old Ashby Ferry Ramp mp3
9. Tartan Poles download Tartan Poles mp3
10. Maclean Showground download Maclean Showground mp3

For more information about Maclean Talking Trails, please contact Maclean Library on or phone (02) 6645 3611.

For a copy of the transcript of the recordings, click here (PDF 204KB).

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