Wooli Wooli River Estuary Management Plan

The Plan aims to enhance more sustainable management of the Wooli Wooli River estuary in the medium term.

The Wooli Wooli River is one of the least modified estuaries on the north coast of NSW, and as such, requires management to conserve its natural values. The Wooli Wooli River Estuary Management Plan represents the Estuary Management Study and Plan has been prepared with funding from both Clarence Valley Council and the NSW Government under the Estuary Management Program. The methods followed in preparing the report are consistent with the framework outlined in the NSW Government Estuary Management Manual.

Council has endorsed the Plan.  Due to a change in the NSW Government Guidelines the Minister for the Environment has not certified the plan. The Estuary Management Plan aims to balance the pressures and demands placed on the Wooli Wooli River, both from a human perspective and from an environmental perspective. Existing values of the estuary have been considered, along with issues that have been identified through consultation with the community and through a technical appraisal of the current condition of the estuarine environment.

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