Commercial waste collection services

The commercial waste collection service is available to non-residential users including offices, shops and industrial premises.

The following maps show the general CBD areas where there will be more frequent waste collection pickups for commercial clients.  Commercial waste users in these areas have the option for more frequent collections such as weekly recycling (as opposed to fortnightly service for commercial premises outside these areas) and twice weekly garbage (as opposed to a fortnightly service for commercial properties outside these areas).

The commercial waste collection service is available to non-residential users including offices, shops and industrial premises. Large residential developments incorporating more than three residences are able to use the system. In the central business areas of Grafton, South Grafton, Maclean, Yamba and Iluka waste collection is available twice per week with recycling and organics being collected weekly. In all other areas, garbage will be collected fortnightly and recycling fortnightly in line with the standard waste collection days. Each bin will have a colour coded lid and be fitted with a microchip. Each time the bin is emptied the microchip enables the computer system within the collection truck to record the identity of the business using the bin along with the time and date of the collection. The business will be sent a quarterly tax invoice based on the number of times their bin(s) was / were emptied during the quarter plus an availability charge.

What services are available?

For General Waste - 240 litre wheelie bins with RED lid.

The red bin is for all garbage material which cannot be recycled or composted. This includes but is not limited to ceramics; polystyrene foam; vinyl and all forms of plastic bags and wrappers.

For Recycling - your choice of:

240 or 360 litre wheelie bins with YELLOW lid.
The yellow bin is for the collection of paper and cardboard which includes newspapers, books, magazines, office stationery, junk mail, paper packing material or shredding. The yellow bin is also for the collection of bottles, cans and plastics which include glass bottles and jars, aluminium cans and clean foil, steel cans, aerosol spray cans, dry paint tins, plastic containers, milk and juice cartons.

Organics Service (240 litre)
There is a weekly garden and organics service available which includes all food waste and garden clippings.

Each business can select any number and any combination of the above service as best suits their individual requirements.  

Important: effective recycling relies on the absence of contamination from non-recyclable material so plate glass,ceramics and pyrex, scrap metal, waxed cardboard and plastic bags should NOT be placed in any of the recycling bins.

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