Responsible cat ownership

Responsible cat ownership includes proper housing, feeding, control, care and breeding.

kittensCat owners also need to be aware of the problems, which can occur if their pets are allowed to roam.  Cats are classed as a ‘Companion Animal’ and their ownership is governed by the Companion Animals Act.

Cats can cause considerable damage to the environment if allowed to wander.

If you own a cat, you are encouraged to keep them inside at night to reduce the chances of them fighting and hunting other animals. It is also a good idea for your cat to wear a bell or movement activated audible and visual alarm on its collar to warn other wildlife.

How to be a responsible cat owner?

  • Make sure your cat is identified with a collar, tag and microchip.
  • Keep up to date with vaccinations
  • Make sure your cat is registered with Council.
  • Keep your cat indoors at night.
  • Desex your cat as early as possible.  This prevents unwanted litters.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Contain your cat on your property and provide it with a fun, safe and stimulating place to live.
  • Don’t feed cats that aren’t yours as this encourages straying, the spread of disease and nuisance behavior.


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