Tenders and quotations

Council has established an eTendering website 'Tenderlink', to provide Council suppliers with information on Council's current tenders and public quotations.

Please visit the Tenderlink portal

Once you become a registered supplier (see 'Assistance with getting registered for Council’s Tenderlink portal') you will be able to receive an email notification for any tenders Council publishes, download and view documentation electronically and lodge your Tenders with Council electronically.

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Access Council's Tenderlink Portal


Assistance with getting registered for Council's Tenderlink Portal:

  1. If you have already been registered within the portal you would have received a confirmation (including your username and password details) of this via email. If you did not receive your registration please refer to point 3 below.
  2. Please use these details to log on and select the industry categories relevant to your business. This will further refine the types of notifications that you wish to receive. This is important to make sure you receive only the notifications of direct interest to you.
  3. If you have not registered, the process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.  The link will direct you to the portal. Select the registration tab and enter your email address to create your unique supplier profile. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation of your registration.
  4. If you require assistance with registering and customising your profile, please contact the Tenderlink.com Help Desk - details on the site or call 1800 233 533.

All our staff are required to conduct their activities in accordance with our Statement of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct.

View our Statement of Business Ethics

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How To Submit a Tender

Council has created a seven-step-tendering-guide on how to submit a tender.

Conditions of Engagement of Contractors

Public Notice of Submissions Received

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