Repairing or rebuilding after bushfire

We have waived fees and are prioritising the processing of development applications for the replacement of homes lost to the fires. We can also provide free copies of your previously issued plans and approvals and help you navigate the application process.

You can contact us for advice at any time during the planning stage. Getting advice early can help make the approvals process smoother. To speak to a building surveyor, you can call us on 6643 0200 drop into our Grafton or Maclean Customer Service Centres between 8.30-11am on weekdays.


Useful resources
The following fact sheets may be helpful:
Support is available
You don’t have to navigate this process alone. You can call our Customer Service team on (02) 6643 0200 for advice.
There are also dedicated support services available to help with other challenges you may face throughout the rebuilding process or in the aftermath of a bushfire. Find out more here.

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