Your waste service explained .... Rubbish .... handle with care

Managing waste has become a big conversation in our community. The Council has taken it so seriously it has introduced a waste collection system and built a state-of-the-art resource recovery centre.

Rubbish...handle with care

Your Waste Service Explained

Our waste service has made significant reductions in waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling could not be easier with your green organics bin and 360L yellow recycling bin. Read on for all the information you need!

A message from our waste ambassador, dirtgirl
- My green bin
- My yellow bin
- My red bin
- Bin collection schedule

Waste Calendars
Zone 1 - Grafton and Lawrence
Zone 2 - Maclean, Ulmarra and Yamba
Zone 3 - Including Angourie, Woolaweyah, Townsend, James Creek

- Handy A-Z guide to waste
- What happens to our waste
- Frequently asked questions
- A letter from our Mayor
- Waste facilities locations

Mission compostable

Keen to be green? You can also use compostable food waste bin liners to make it easier to cut the amount of organic waste going into landfill.

Where can I buy the compostable bin liners

Compostable bin liners make recycling food a piece of cake!

Using a compostable bin liner in your kitchen caddy may be the solution to preventing unwanted odours and flies, particularly in the warmer months or at times when you have little other green waste to blend.

Council approved compostable bin liners are available for purchase from :

  1. Ecovend vending machines in Yamba Shopping Fair, at the bottom of the escalator in Grafton Shoppingworld and at the Queen Street entrance to Coles Mall in Grafton ($10 per roll of 75);
  2. Hardware outlets throughout the Clarence Valley;
  3. Online from ecovend

Please note compostable bin liners must meet the Australian Standard AS 4736 and be labelled compostable. Keep up to date with other organic news by visiting our website or phone our Waste Hotline 1800 335599.

Liners are not sold from Council offices

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