Council and Committee Meetings

Council holds its Ordinary meetings at 2.00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Code of Meeting Practice

Council has adopted a detailed Code of Meeting Practice. The following points answer some commonly asked questions.

When are Council meetings held?

Council holds its Ordinary meetings at 2.00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Exceptions may arise during December and January, with public notices appearing on our website.

Extraordinary meetings are also arranged from time to time which are notified on our website.

When are Committee meetings held?

Council has adopted the following Committee structure, to assist the smooth management of the broad range of issues that must be dealt with by Council.

Standing Committee Members Meeting Times
Corporate, Governance & Works Committee Mayor Cr Simmons, Deputy Mayor Kingsley, Crs Ellem, Lysaught and Toms Tuesday week before Ordinary Council
Meeting - commencing 2:00pm
Environment, Planning & Community Committee        Mayor Cr Simmons, Crs Baker, Clancy, Novak and Williamson  Tuesday week before Ordinary Council Meeting - commencing 3.30pm (or as late as 4.00pm depending on conclusion of CG&W Committee Meeting).

How can I obtain a business paper (agenda) of the Committee or Council meetings?

Business papers (agendas) for Committee and Council meetings are available on Council's website on the Friday preceding the meeting.  Copies of the business papers are also available from Friday at the Council front counter.

The best way to access the documents is to read or download all or part of a business paper from this website. Simply click here for a link to the business papers and minutes.

When are the minutes available?

The minutes and podcasts of the Council meetings are available on our website on the Friday after the meeting.  To sign up to receive updates on the Council Business Paper or Minutes click here.

Who do I contact with questions about Council meetings?

For further information or assistance with Council meeting arrangements, please contact Lesley McBay, Coordinator Executive Support on 6643 0289 or send her an email at   

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