Community, operational and crown reserve

Council administers and manages three different types of classified parks and reserves being Community, Operational and as Trust Manager for Crown reserves.

Within the Clarence Valley, Council is responsible for the administration and management of three different types of land tenure on which parks and reserves have been established:

  • Community land;
  • Operational land; and
  • Crown Reserves.

‘Community’ and ‘Operational’ land are land owned by Council while Crown Reserves are owned by the State of New South Wales (NSW) and managed by Council in trust on behalf of the NSW Government.

The management of ‘Community’ and ‘Operational’ land is governed by the Local Government Act 1993 while Crown Reserves are managed under the Crown Lands Act 1989. Both Acts provide management direction on how parks and reserves should be developed and managed.

‘Community’ land is defined for the purposes of the Local Government Act 1993 to be land that is set aside for community use, such as neighbourhood parks and sportsgrounds. Development and use of this land is subject to strict controls set out in the Act such as Community land cannot be sold, or leased or licensed for more than 21 years. In addition to these controls, the Act requires Councils to have plans of management for all Community lands. In contrast, ‘Operational’ land comprises land that serves a commercial or operational function (eg. a works depot, car park, sewage pump station), or land that is being retained for commercial or strategic reasons. The range of controls that apply to Community land do not apply to the use and management of Operational land.

Crown Reserves managed by Council have been set aside for a particular public purpose. In most cases it has been for public recreation. However, Council also manages Crown Reserve set aside for purposes such as rubbish and night soil depots and cemeteries.

For further information on Park/Reserve Plans of Management, contact Council's Reserves Planner (Strategic), Dr Danny Parkin on (02) 6643 0231.

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