Extracting water from Council watermains

How do I obtain Council approval for removing water from Council watermains?

Applicants are required to complete in full Council’s form entitled “Application to Remove Water from Council Watermains”, also attaching the copies of Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance (at least $20 mil) and registration certificates for each vehicle.

Council will then process your application and issue applicants with a signed “Agreement to Remove Water from Council Watermains” and invoice. Upon posting this Agreement and invoice Council staff will deliver the relevant items to the Council Front Counter staff at the nominated standpipe pick-up location (i.e. Maclean or Grafton). These items include the standpipe(s), approval magnets, booklet listing approved hydrant locations, standpipe users operating and maintenance instructions, and blank log sheets. Once the invoice is paid and Agreement counter-signed the items will be provided to the Applicant.

Applicants should allow at least one week between submitting the application to being able to collect the standpipe(s) and other items.

Frequently asked questions on the removing water from Council watermains

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