Maclean Flying-fox Working Group

The Flying-fox Working Group (FFWG) was formed in late 2009 to address the issues of the flying-foxes in Maclean

Maclean Flying-fox Management Strategy 2018

The Maclean Flying-fox Management Strategy 2018 was prepared with the aim of reducing conflicts between humans and flying-foxes at Maclean. It provides an update to the original strategy prepared in 2010. The objectives of the updated strategy include:

  • Addressing the concerns of the community, particularly local residents adjacent to the camp and the Maclean High School community; whilst
  • Conserving and co-existing with the flying-fox population within the Maclean Region.

Flying-foxes in the Clarence Valley 

Go to Clarence Conversations to find out what Clarence Valley Council is working on.

Maclean Flying-fox Management Strategy 2018 Summary Flyer

Download a two-page flyer summarising the Strategy. 

FFWG Minutes

The Maclean Flying-fox Working Group (FFWG) meet quarterly to discuss issues and progress.  Please see below for copies of minutes from previously held meetings.

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