Guides and brochures

Guides and brochures on coastal dune care and riparian plants

Coastal Dune Plants

A guide to selecting native plants for revegetating coastal dune areas. This guide details the importance of revegetating coastal dunes and recommends the species to plant in each zone.

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Clarence Coast Dune Plants

Riparian Plants

A guide to the riparian plants (plants that grown along creeks and rivers) recommended for revegetation. This guide explains the importance of riparian vegetation and lists the local species that can be used in replanting.

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Mid-Lower Clarence River Riparian Plants

Clarence River Floodplain and Estuary Native Plant Guide

This guide details the native plants recommended for revegetation projects located in floodplain and estuarine areas. There are species lists for trees, shrubs, vines, sedges, grasses and lilies.

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Clarence River Floodplain and Estuary Native Plant Species List

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