Protect our parks - report anti-social behaviour

The Clarence Valley is a pretty special place, we love our parks and recreational facilities. But did you know these places that are most valued by the community, are where the most damage and vandalism occurs.

NSW police and Clarence Valley Council are working together on crime prevention initiatives.  Ashley Lindsay, Council’s General Manager encouraged members of the community to report any anti-social behaviour to local Police. 

“We should not turn a blind eye to the anti-social or destructive behaviour by a tiny minority of the population.”

“We all love the Clarence Valley so speak up! We need everyone to be our eyes and ears.”

“Even if you feel like a scratched record and you are calling the Police on multiple occasions, it’s important for crime prevention and investment in local police resources that residents continue to report incidents.”

“There are a lot of things Council staff could be working on, but unfortunately we are replacing signage, fixing torn up lawns, removing graffiti and repairing damage to playgrounds.”

“If you see something, please say something, so that together we can help keep our public spaces beautiful for everyone to enjoy.”

“You can report damaged or vandalised public facilities on the Council website by clicking on the ‘report it’ button”

 “For all serious matters including if you witness damage being caused, please contact the Police straight away.”

“All information is important, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it may be the vital piece of information they need.”

“By reporting suspicious behaviour straight away you will help to protect our community.”

To report anti-social behaviour, take a picture, making a note of the date, time and location. You can phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Or report damaged public property to council here.

Release ends
30 October 2020
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