Your Green Bin - A little Scrap Goes a Long Way

Did you know the food scraps you put in your green lid bin are professionally treated to make high quality compost which improves soil health, grows better food, and makes our land more drought and disease resilient.

Make sure you always put ALL of your food scraps in the green lid bin. This includes bones, fish and dairy products. 

Farmers will thank you!

A Little Scrap Goes A Long Way

Tips and Tricks!

  • Wrap your scraps in newspaper
  • Keep your Green Lid Bin in the shade
  • You can freeze your scraps like seafood until collection day
  • Empty your kitchen caddy every day and put it in the dishwasher
  • Empty takeaway food into your kitchen caddy, Don't throw the packaging in!

Our Green lid bins are collected every week so we can make more good quality compost.

Learn more about food waste and composting by watching these short videos 


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