Clarence Roundtable

The Clarence Roundtable's primary purpose is a communication tool to aid business, industry and the community throughout the Infrastructure BOOM.

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The Clarence Valley and surrounding areas has a significant amount of construction activity scheduled in the not too distant future.  The majority of this construction is programmed to be completed by 2020.  With an estimated value of $4.7 billion this will have a significant impact both economically and socially on the Clarence community.

W2B Pacific Highway 4,356
Grafton Bridge 220
Sportsman Creek Bridge 13
Yamba Sewerage 25
Grafton Aged Housing 25
IGA supermarket 13
CVC depot rationalisation 13.5
Yamba Harbour upgrade 3
Grafton Airport upgrade 2
McLachlan Park upgrade 2
Hospital upgrade 7
New Correction Centre 140

*Figures are estimates and can be subject to change pending detailed designs.

It is critical for the key stakeholders to form relationships and ensure the community gains maximum benefit, minimal disruption and a ‘soft landing’ following this infrastructure and construction boom.

Business, Industry and Community Roundtable

Communication will be a key part of ensuring readiness and reactiveness throughout this timeframe.  To serve this purpose, the Clarence Roundtable* has been established.

*Roundtable - unified, organised, and skilled coalition of stakeholders which represent all residents of a community.”

The Clarence Roundtable will facilitate relationship building and would allow participants to share candidly, whilst the understanding that everyone who sits at the table has equal status and equal responsibility to put words into action when necessary.


Over Thirty (30) representatives from industry and community sectors have a seat at the Roundtable.  The sectors represented include community housing, health, real estate, construction, trades, tourism, accommodation, developers, hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, financial services, training, retail and community representatives.  In addition, the five (5) Clarence Valley Chambers of Commerce participate in the Roundtable. As well as bring knowledge to the table their role is to also disseminate information to the groups they represent.  The members of the Roundtable are your voice and are willing to convey issues, concerns and opportunities to the group.


The Clarence Roundtable will operate throughout the construction phase (approximately 5 years).  The role of the Roundtable participants would be to:

  1. Provide communications and act as a conduit to industry sectors and community.
  2. Participate in learning forums/workshops and preempt strategies
  3. Act in a focus group capacity for higher level stakeholders eg RMS, delivery partner and govt agencies
  4. Review key indicator reporting.  Monitoring of economic and social indicators to measure impacts and trends
  5. Focus on ensuring a legacy is achieved post construction.


Some of the activities the Roundtable may engage in, are:

  • Research
  • Guest speakers from infrastructure boom communities.  Participate in ‘Think Tank’ forum
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Development of community education programs
  • Review or provide guidance on strategies which may be required throughout the project eg housing and workforce planning, and industry capacity development.
  • Plan for the Clarence to be in a better place post infrastructure projects eg retention of workers, maximising infrastructure resources, higher skills base

clarence roundtable logoFor further information contact:
Clarence Valley Council
Economic Development Team
p: 02 6643 0200


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