Permanent water conservation measures

Clarence Valley Council introduced a permanent water conservation measure on 1 September 2007. Under this policy, the use of sprinklers and fixed hoses are banned permanently between 9.00am and 4.00pm every day.

Clarence Valley Council introduced permanent water conservation measures on 1 September 2007.

Residents are reminded that permanent water conservation measures apply to all properties on town water supply in the Clarence Valley. Details of the water conservation measures are as follows:

  • Residential Gardens - No fixed hoses and sprinklers between the hours of 9am and 4pm. No restriction on hand held hoses or water efficient micro sprinklers. 
  • Car Washing - No restriction. Do not leave hose running, consider using a trigger nozzle.  
  • Washing of Driveways & Paved Areas - No restriction. Sweeping and other dry methods are encouraged. If a hose is required please use a pressure cleaner.  
  • Swimming Pools - No restriction. Consider a cover to reduce evaporation and minimal topping up.  
  • All Sports Grounds (including public parks & gardens, school grounds), Commercial operations, industry, Nurseries, Orchards etc. - No restriction. Reduce evaporation by avoiding watering in the heat or middle of the day and on windy days.   
  • All other essential water use associated with commercial and industry operations - No restriction. Businesses should follow water-efficient practices and minimise water use, respecting the restrictions that apply to the general community, as outlined above.

The community's awareness and contribution to water efficiency is acknowledged and appreciated - every drop counts. These measures not only conserve water by eliminating the inefficient practice of using sprinklers and fixed hoses during the middle of the day when evaporation is at its greatest, but protect our waterways from polluted runoff. River flows and consumption rates are published each day in 'The Daily Examiner'.

Under the Local Government Act an on-the-spot fine of $220.00 may be imposed for breach of the water restriction regulations.

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