Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked water and sewer questions

Water Supply Questions

  • How is our water treated?
  • How is our water tested?
  • What do we test for?
  • I have no water from any tap in my house/business
  • Water is leaking out of a pipe
  • My water is dirty
  • My water pressure is unusually low

Water Meter Questions

  • Accessing Water Meters
  • Damaging the Water Meter
  • How accurate are Water Meters
  • Checking for water leaks

Sewer Infrastructure Questions

  • Why do I need to keep boundary shafts and manhole lids visible and accessible?
  • How do I prevent a sewage overflow in my home?
  • What objects should NOT be discarded to sewer?
  • How is our wastewater treated and tested?
  • I have an On-site Wastewater Treatment System (ie septic system)
  • Liquid Trade Waste
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