State Government - Fire and Emergency Services Levy

From 1 July 2017, the NSW Government is introducing a fairer system for funding our community's fire and emergency services.

At present, these services are funded by a levy on insurance, which will be removed from 1 July. From this time, all properties, not just insured properties, will directly contribute to the cost of these services through the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL).

The FESL will be paid alongside your council rates. You will be notified in July of your FESL contribution as part of your Council rates notice, or a separate notice for non-rateable properties. Like council rates, you may pay the FESL annually or quarterly.

The FESL paid will, in part, depend on your property’s classification as residential, farmland, industrial, commercial or public benefit, and whether or not the land is vacant. Your council has classified your property for FESL purposes and you should be notified in letter by 30 April 2017.

You don’t need to take any action if you agree with the classification of your property.

If you disagree with your property’s classification, you can request a review by completing the approved FESL classification review application form or by contacting Councils Rates Section by email: or phone (02) 66430802.

Where you are dissatisfied with this review, you may appeal to the Land and Environment Court. If a change to your land classification is made by council, they will advise you within 30 days from the date this change occurs.

For information on the Fire and Emergency Services Levy including Frequently Asked Question visit the Fire and Emergency Services Levy website.

Or phone the FESL Information line on 1300 78 78 72

FESL rates will be published by 30 April 2017, and a FESL calculator will be available at the Fire and Emergency Services Levy website.

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