Live streaming of Council and Committee meetings

Live streaming of Committee and Council meetings is available by clicking on the "Commence audio streaming" icon below. You can also listen via the Mixlr app on smartphones. Simply download the "Mixlr" app then search for the "clarence valley council" stream.

Terms and conditions
It is an offence to record meetings of the Clarence Valley Council. This service is provided in the interests of open government and to keep people informed of council activities. While comment is permitted, those commenting are reminded defamation and related laws apply to online comment. Council will monitor and defamatory or offensive comments will be removed. Council, however, will take no responsibility for claims arising from such comments that remain online for whatever reason before being removed by Council.
I agree and understand the terms and conditions

Please note when items of a confidential nature are being discussed the live streaming will be switched off and there will be momentary silence. 

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