Vibrant Places

Town centres in the Clarence Valley are places to enjoy. Whether it's shopping, dining, being entertained or simply catching up with friends and family

The concept behind creating Vibrant Places is that businesses can use the footpath, free of charge, in return for some creative thinking by adding colour, products, outdoor dining options and entertainment onto our streets - remaining mindful of all footpath users and ensuring a common sense safety approach. 

The aim is to encourage people to stop, shop and spend more time in our commercial centres, which not only benefits local businesses, but makes for a more pleasant shopping experience.


To find out more download the Business Factsheet

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If you're unsure on how to create vibrancy outside your business, just ask!

We're here to assist with any enquiries you may have, simply call us on 02 6645 0203 or send us an email 

We're also very happy to offer advice so that you can gain real insight into which Vibrant Places trial ideas might work better than others.

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