Not perfect........amazing!!!

If you're thinking about relocating, we know that somewhere at your place will be a stack of great looking brochures - they're fabulous aren't they. Shiny; glossy; and full to overflowing with awesomely good looking people in hero shots on clear blue sky days.

We do it differently here – you might call us ‘rough around the edges’, but it’s more about being down to earth and everyone loves it that way. 

When life speeds up and becomes more complicated we yearn for simple things, like time, a sense of connection, stability, belonging to a community; and a return to the era of innocence.  We’ve had a good close up look and reckon that this is what Clarence Valley can deliver to your life and your family.

So, if you want what others have - that’s great..................but just maybe we’re what you need.

But wait…what about work?  Putting your family’s health, happiness and life priorities first doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your career, your business or your financial security.

There’s a lot to think about, we know you have a list of requirements, even if you haven’t written it down yet.  Let’s see how we measure up.

We can’t make the move for you, but Clarence Valley is definitely worth a second look....

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For further information contact:
Clarence Valley Council
Economic Development Team
p: 02 6643 0200

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