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Council is investing in solar power generation technology to reduce energy consumption and off set greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy - Photovoltaic Grid Connect Power Generation at Duke Street Recycling Centre

Council is investing in solar power generation technology to reduce energy consumption and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Power Generation

graphClarence Valley Council has recently installed a photovoltaic (PV) grid connect power generation system on the roof of the Duke Street Recycling Centre in Grafton. The system generates electricity from the sun and feeds this back into the power grid. Council then gets paid by Country Energy for this power.

It is estimated the 5 kilo-watt (kW) system will generate around $2500 worth of electricity per year as well as off set some of Council's greenhouse gas emissions. The system will also be an educational tool and demonstration model for people wanting more information about installing photovoltaic systems.

The PV system was installed by local Grafton based electricians BF Industries who specialise in solar power installations. Council has also installed PV grid connect power generation systems on the Grafton Lifestyle Centre, Maclean Council Chambers and Ellem Oval Pavilion. Council proposes to install several other PV systems around the shire on other Council buildings in the near future. The project has been partially funded through Council's waste disposal fees at the regional landfill as this project will off set some greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill. Additional funding for the project was also received from the Australian Governments Green House Office.

The following graphical information shows the energy generation from the Duke Street recycling facility and the revenue it is generating from selling power back to the grid.

Sunny Web Portal Information Display

System Installation Details at Duke Street Recycling Facility

Installer BF Industries
Manufacturer BP Solar
Solar Panel Type BP4165N
Number of Panels 30
Total Combined Generation Rate 4950 watts
Inverter Type 6 KW Sunny Minni Central SMC 6000A
Remote Monitoring Sunny Web Box


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