Seeking community vigilance following acts of vandalism to council assets

Council is concerned about criminal acts and vandalism that affect public assets.

We are all too familiar with damage to public buildings, street furniture and signage, playing fields and the like.

Grafton Police support Council through the notification by letter to nearby property owners and residents, alerting them to any recent incident. The letter sets out what to do if they witness an act of vandalism:  report it immediately to the Police at Grafton on 6642 0222 or Maclean on 6645 2444.

The letter reminds any nearby property owner or person that notices damage at any time, or has a lead about an incident, to phone the Council on 6643 0200 in business hours or the After Hours number 6626 6858.  The letter also lets the affected community know that the Council and the local Police are responding to the event and care about the cost of vandalism.

At all times, any comment on criminal investigations should, of course, be directed to the Police.

Residents are also reminded about Council's Rewards Policy which provides an incentive for people to provide information leading to the conviction of an offender for malicious damage to, or stealing of, Council property.

Email  for general enquiries about the initiative and to report damage to public facilities.


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