Integrated water cycle management (IWCM)

As part of best practice management, NSW Office of Water guidelines require Councils with water supply and sewerage responsibilities, called local water utilities (LWU), to prepare IWCM Strategies.

IWCM is characterised as the process of bringing together water supply, sewerage and stormwater management to achieve a more efficient use of water resources.

The first stage of undertaking an IWCM strategy is to prepare an IWCM Concept Study. The IWCM process involved preparation of two documents:

The IWCM Concept Study was adopted by Council in November 2007. As Council was well advanced with constructing its major capital works program, Office of Water gave permission for Council to undertake a simplified IWCM Strategy. The IWCM Strategy was placed on public exhibition in early 2009 and adopted by Council in April 2009. The Strategy was approved by Office of Water in October 2009.

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