Ewingar community gets a helping hand with mobile signal

The Ewingar Community Hall now has much needed Telstra mobile phone repeater thanks to the IT team from Clarence Valley Council.

Mobile reception is traditionally not in the remit of a local council. However, when a community is hit by a bush fire and communication becomes critical to recovery - council is happy to step in.

Ewingar resident Karen Wheeler is delighted with the outcome and said, “being able to take a mobile phone to the hall and contact friends and family has been fantastic – this will make a real difference to residents and the fire recovery”.  

General Manager Ashley Lindsay said, “The Ewingar community and recovery agencies have been struggling with no landlines or mobile reception. Council considered a Mayoral Minute at their recent meeting and were happy to provide resources and assistance to help fix the situation."

“The Ewingar Hall has become the epicentre of the disaster recovery for the area and having a decent mobile phone signal is critical for many agencies helping the community with recovery. This has also enabled the volunteer organisation Blaze Aid to set up at Ewingar. We will continue to lobby state and federal members for black spot funding to improve the mobile reception for the Ewingar area” Mr Lindsay added.

Since the repeater was installed mobile signal on Telstra phones has gone from virtually zero to full bars.

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