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Clarence Valley Council now represents an estimated 50% of the landmass of the northern rivers region. The Council area extends from the temperate New England Plateau to the Gibraltar Ranges, through rural lands and river plains to the Clarence Coast.

In 2004 the former Council's of Copmanhurst, Grafton, Maclean and Pristine Waters and activities of North Coast Water and Clarence River County Council were joined to create the Clarence Valley Council. The Council comprises an area of 10,440 km 2, employs over 500 staff, operates 5 administration centers, 10 works depots and serves 52,054 residents and ratepayers living in 44 towns, villages and city environs.

Life in the Clarence Valley, now and in the future, is based on a culture of sustainable living that protects and carefully utilises the natural environment; its beauty and resources; our cultural heritage and unique identity of our valley and its communities.

Our Sustainability Framework, sets out Council's approach to protecting and managing the values of the Valley and our communities. It provides a vision for the future and key goals to work towards.

Council's operations are based on five key goals of:

Protection of ecological systems - protecting the land; healthy waterways; protecting Biodiversity

Council activites

  • Noxious weed management
  • Environmental protection
  • Maintaining healthy waterways
  • Planning for climate change impact program
  • Catchment & environmental management
  • Ecological services
  • Onsite septic management
  • Natural resource management
  • Support to landcare/ dunecare groups
  • Land use strategic planning
  • Bush regeneration
  • Nurseries
  • Environmental planning
  • Coastal & estuary management
  • Vegetation management

Society and culture - good community relations; creative culture and recreation; community health and wellbeing

Council activities

  • Provides Community Development Services
  • Supports interagency meetings
  • Social & cultural planning services
  • Social impact assessment
  • Promotes disability access
  • Supports Sect 355 committees
  • Provide Community information
  • Library services
  • Community centres and halls
  • Community Support Services
  • Regional Gallery
  • Historical services
  • Parks & reserves
  • Playgrounds
  • Public Toilets
  • Animal control
  • Beach control & lifesaving
  • Immunisation
  • Health inspection & food control
  • Cemeteries
  • Crown land management
  • Swimming pools
  • Sports grounds & complexes
  • Events & festivals

Human habitat - quality built environment and places; efficient transport and access options; effective essential services

Council activities

  • Integrated water cycle management
  • Rural fire service
  • State Emergency Services
  • Regional water supply
  • Stormwater & drainage
  • Public facilities& amenities
  • Sewerage services
  • Roads & bridges
  • Street cleaning & garbage collection
  • Public wharfs/jetties/boat ramps
  • Bus shelters
  • Street lights
  • Flood management
  • Streetscapes
  • Civil engineering services
  • Strategic& landuse planning
  • Development services
  • Waste management Footpaths & Cycleways

Economy - efficient resource use; healthy economic activity; meaningful work and employment

Council activities

  • Plans for industrial precincts
  • Council branding
  • Main street development
  • Economic development activities
  • Macro economic planning
  • Tourism support
  • Clarence River Way
  • Economic indicators monitoring
  • Education & training initiatives

Governance - accountability and compliance; participation and communication; resourcing and support

Council activities

  • Organisational management
  • Financial management
  • Administration
  • Information services
  • Customer services
  • IT services
  • Supply & stores
  • Community leadership
  • Asset management
  • Human resources
  • Records management & archiving
  • Property management
  • Commercial operations:
  • Caravan parks
  • Regional sale yards
  • Quarries and pits
  • Airports
  • Real estate development
  • Private works


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