Wooli Beach Coastal Zone Management Plan

Council resolved to modify the Wooli Beach Draft CZMP at its meeting on 8 December 2015.

In general terms, Council’s resolution endorsed the removal of actions seeking to extract sand from Yuraygir National Park and investigation of a land swap within the life of the current CZMP, as well as include beach scraping as a supplementary component of the beach nourishment scheme. Council staff will now liaise and correspond with relevant public authorities and revise the Draft CZMP in fulfilment of the resolution.

Full details of the 8-part Council resolution and the accompanying Council report (and attachments) can be viewed on the folliwng page;

This resolution will result in changes to some of the content below on this webpage. Interested persons are invited to contact Councils Environmental Planning Coordinator, Mr Scott Lenton, on 6643 0234.

The latest Draft CZMP for Wooli Beach provides management direction for the beach and adjacent lands between Jones Point (to the south) and Wilsons Headland (to the north) for 10 years (until 2025).  Council has submitted the Draft CZMP to the NSW Minister for the Environment and NSW Minister for Planning to seek their certification of the CZMP under the Coastal Protection Act 1979.  The Draft CZMP includes details of the Emergency Action Sub Plan (EASP) for Wooli.

The EASP (at Appendix A of the Draft CZMP) outlines how Council will manage a coastal erosion emergency.  Actions may be required by residents and visitors in an emergency event to minimise risk to human life and property.

Other management strategies in the latest CZMP include:

  • Community education
  • Beach Nourishment Scheme (BNS) Pre-Implementation
  • BNS implementation
  • BNS monitoring
  • Routine beach monitoring
  • Planning and development controls
  • Town services contingency strategy
  • Beach and dune management
  • Beach access management
  • Conservation of Aboriginal sites
  • CZMP implementation and review
  • Trigger actions
  • Investigate land swap scheme

The latest CZMP for Wooli Beach will supersede the Wooli Beach Coastline Management Plan that was adopted by the former Ulmarra Shire Council in 1998.  Council commissioned a review of coastal hazards, management options and the preparation of a new CZMP in 2006/07.  The review of coastal hazards was completed in 2010 by consultants, WorleyParsons, provides an assessment of the various types of coastal hazard applicable to Wooli Beach and estimates the extent of those hazards over the landscape in the immediate (2010) timeframe, the years 2050 and 2100.  This document has been utilised to provide the major basis for coastal hazard definition on which to prepare the latest (2105) Draft CZMP.

An investigation of the feasibility of utilising sand sources for beach nourishment on Wooli Beach was completed by consultants, Royal Haskoning DHV, in 2015.  This investigation included an assessment of beach conditions on Wooli Beach since the 2010 review of coastal hazards report.  The data for various sand sources as well as more contemporary beach condition information provided the basis for the proposed Beach Nourishment Scheme (BNS) in the Draft CZMP.

Council acknowledges that the proposal to obtain sand from the Yuraygir National Park as a possible component of the BNS is inconsistent with the NSW Coastal Policy 1997.  Despite this inconsistency, Council has requested the Minister to consider the Draft CZMP for certification, including the proposed BNS, due to the circumstances of the case, including the fact that Wooli is a coastal erosion hotspot and that options for obtaining sand for beach nourishment are highly constrained due to the physical suitability of source sand, the significant costs of extracting and transporting sand and nourishing the beach and that the most suitable and feasible sand sources are located on Wooli Beach (within the Solitary Islands Marine Park) and within Yuraygir National Park (adjacent to the north end of Wooli Beach).

Council has applied for funding to commence implementation of priority actions in the CZMP once it is certified by the Minister.

Details of community-based action to manage Wooli Beach can be found at http://www.protectwooli.com.au/

For further information on the 2015 Draft CZMP either view the Draft CZMP and supporting documents or contact Council’s Environmental Planning Coordinator Scott Lenton on (02) 6643 0234.

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