Registering your cat or dog

The NSW Companion Animals Act 1998 requires all dogs and cats in NSW to be microchipped by the age of 12 weeks (or earlier if new owners) and registered for life by 6 months.

Owners of cats born before 1 July 1999 are not required to have them lifetime registered. These cats must be identified either by a microchip or collar and identity tag.       

All dogs must have a collar and there must be a name tag that shows the name of the dog and address or telephone number of the owner of the dog.

All cats must either wear a collar around their neck with tag/s identifying name of cat and address or telephone number of owner of cat or a microchip. The requirements for cats only apply whilst the animal is not on the property of which the owner is the occupier.

Registration is a two-step process

Microchip - All animals are required to be microchipped by the age of 12 weeks. Microchipping is done by an authorised implanter (vet or accredited implanter with the State Government). The implanter will then send the microchipping information to your local council who will enter the information on the NSW Companion Animals Register. A certificate of identification will be sent to you with an application for Permanent Registration.

Council also provides microchipping services at a cost of $45.00 for the first implant and $30.00 thereafter.

Register for life - The law requires all companion animals to be registered with the Companion Animals Registry by the age of 6 months. You will need a Certificate of Identification together with an application for Permanent Registration and any proof for a reduction of fees when registering your pet. The registration can then be completed at your local council during office hours. Registration fees are once only fees providing you stay in the State of NSW.

Council's office hours can be viewed here.

Lifetime Registration Fees

Non-desexed dog/cat $210.00
Desexed dog/cat
(sterilisation certificate or statutory declaration required)
Desexed dog/cat owned by Pensioner
(sterilisation certificate or statutory declaration & pension card required)
Dog Owned by Registered Breeder $58.00

Do livestock working dogs in the Clarence Valley need to be microchipped and registered?
Yes - Only if your livestock working dog is ordinarily kept in the Western Division of NSW that does not fall within a local government area or on land rated as farmland, it does not have to be microchipped. All other livestock working dogs have to be microchipped. Registration for working dogs is free.

Note: Working dog means a dog used primarily for the purposing of droving, tending, working or protecting stock.

Greyhounds that are registered with the Greyhound Racing Authority Act 1985 are not required to be microchipped and registered.

Updating your cat or dog's details on the NSW Companion Animals Register

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