Flood protection

Council maintains a network of levees, drains and floodgates to help minimise the effect of flooding in the Clarence Valley. Some of the Special Rates Variation funds will be used to maintain that network.

Flood protection infographic

Project SRV Funding Allocated YTD Expenditure* Status
Dennys Gully Drain - Stage 1
Renewal Works
The floodgates on Dennys Gully Drain, near Tyndale on the Coldstream River, have been replaced. Further work is under investigation.
$15,000 $14,114 Complete under budget
Taloumbi Radial No. 1 Drain - Stage 1
Renewal Works
$50,000 has been allocated to a project that aims to improve drainage into Lake Wooloweyah from the Taloumbi area. The project will use survey data and computer modelling to determine the most effective drainage option.
$50,000 $41,800 Final report pending
Waterview-Ibbotts Drain
$20,000 allocated for the replacement of gates on the Waterview Ibbotts drain.
$20,000 $11,167 Complete under budget
Waterview-Freemans Drain
$25,000 allocated for the replacement of floodgates on the Waterview Freemans drain
$25,000 $19,127 Complete under budget
Cowper No 1 Floodgate
$71,619 allocated for the fabrication and installation of floodgates at the Cowper drain.
$71,619 $39,840 Complete under budget
Minor Flood Pump Replacements
Flood pumps to be replaced at various locations. 
$47,015 $22,018 In Progress

* YTD Expenditure includes commitments

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