Unsealed Road Trial

Council has started trials that aim to find maintenance methods that will improve the life of unsealed roads.

Two sections of Tullymorgan Road near Lawrence have been chosen for the $100,000 research and development project.

The first two kilometre section joins Pringles Way and the other is on the northern side of Broadwater Creek.

There are five trial sections in each of the 2km segments and each have been broken into 400 metre lengths, with one of the proposed treatments trialled per section.

One section will be used for control and will use the existing materials and grading schedule – typically twice annually. The second section will use what is considered to be “desirable re-sheeting gravel” and will also receive the typical twice annual grading.

The third will use a polymer-modified gravel, the fourth a cement-modified gravel and the final will use a bitumen-modified gravel. The trial will be held over 12-24 months.

Council will analyse the trial sections over an extended period of time to allow a true analysis of the impacts of each treatment.

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