Yamba Coastal Management

The Coastline Management Plan represents the final stage in a sequential process that commenced in 2000

Whiting Beach (Yamba)

Whiting Beach requires management in an attempt to prevent shoreline recession. Beach nourishment is the primary management action.

Whiting Beach is located along the northern shore of Hickey Island at Yamba. It is a popular beach for swimming and fishing and being located within the Clarence River it is more sheltered than open coast beaches offering a safer swimming environment, especially for young children.

Council adopted the preferred management action for Whiting Beach in October 2015 after considering a report, Options to Manage Recession of Whiting Beach, Yamba  prepared by consultants Haskoning Australia that investigated a range of management options. Maintenance dredging of the main channel servicing the Yamba boat harbour has provided a source of sand for beach nourishment purposes in the past and most recently during winter 2016. The dredging and nourishment activity was funded by the NSW Department of Primary Industries – Crown Lands. Council will seek opportunistic nourishment of Whiting Beach, typically sand from maintenance dredging, to complete future beach nourishment as required.

For further enquires contact Council’s Coast & Estuary Coordinator, Peter Wilson on phone (02) 6641 7358.


Yamba Coastline Management Plan

The Yamba Coastline Management Plan was prepared by consultants, Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, and completed in June 2003. The Coastline Management Plan was prepared after consideration of reports comprising of that a technical assessment of issues,  and consideration of a range of management options .

The Yamba Coastline Management Plan - Implementation Strategy, describes in more detail how the Management Plan will be implemented. Reference should be made back to the Plan if background detail is required.

The Clarence Valley Council adopted the Coastline Management Plan and this Implementation Strategy at its Meeting held on 16 March 2004.

The Yamba Coastline Management Plan and Implementation Strategy applies to land indicated by pink shading on the map below.

This Strategy will be amended from time to time as more precise measures to implement various actions from the Management Plan are formulated and agreed upon, and to document implementation measures that are undertaken.

A coastal hazard study for Pippi Beach was finalised in 2016. Council has adopted coastal hazard lines for the immediate (2015), 2050 and 2100 planning timeframes provided in that Study. Only public land, including parts of the Pacific Parade road reserve and open space seaward of that road, is affected by coastal hazard at Pippi Beach up to the year 2100. Council will utilise the findings of the Study to revise relevant asset management plans, ensure adequate development control provisions and consider budgets in future years. There is no intention to update the Yamba Coastline Management Plan at this stage as a direct result of this Study.

For further enquires contact Council’s Coast & Estuary Coordinator, Peter Wilson on phone (02) 6641 7358.


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