Major sewer projects

Council is making a $160 million investment in sewerage infrastructure to support the growing Clarence Valley population and business base, both now and into the future:

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Junction Hill to North Grafton Transfer Scheme

This $3.8 million project was handed over to Council in January 2008. Remediation of three former STPs at Junction Hill will be undertaken as part of the Grafton and Maclean project.

North Grafton, Clarenza, and Woodford Island Sewerage Schemes

The $77.5 million Grafton Maclean Lawrence Townsend Ilarwill sewerage project included closing four Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) at South Grafton, Maclean, Townsend and Ilarwill which were unable to meet modern environmental standards, constructing one new STP at Woodford Island and augmenting two existing STPs at Clarenza and North Grafton, sewering the town of Lawrence and constructing associated transfer systems. Construction of the project was completed in June 2010. The project featured extensive innovation in planning, design, procurement and project management and has resulted in significant environmental, sustainability and community benefits. Despite extensive wet weather during construction, the project was completed under budget.

Iluka Sewerage Scheme

This $45 million scheme comprises reticulated sewerage and a new STP for the currently unsewered township of Iluka, with recycled water reuse on the Golf Course, playing fields and in a dual reticulation system. Construction of the scheme commenced in April 2011 and was completed in October 2013.

Yamba Sewerage Augmentation

This $43.3 million scheme comprises augmentation of the existing Yamba STP, some upgrading of the associated reticulation in Yamba and an ebb-tide release. Detailed design was finalised in early 2012.  Biosolids Management facilities at the STP and extension of sewerage to Oyster Channel were completed in 2012.  The STP upgrade was completed in November 2015, and the reticulation upgrade and ebb-tide release was completed in May 2016.

Environmental Impact Statement North Grafton Sewage Treatment Plant Replacement

Clarence Valley Council (CVC) (who is the proponent and determining authority) is now proposing to undertake staged demolition of the existing STP and replace with a new STP to improve the quality of environmental releases to achieve the Environment Protection Authority’s accepted modern technology criteria. The new STP will be located on the existing STP site and will also include the site currently leased by MI Organics.

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