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Note in relation to Planning Certificates

Council requires a single Planning Certificate application for each lot. This means any properties that are currently assessed together under one owner, will require a certificate for each identified lot. If you are unsure please check by contacting Council on 02 66430200. 

You should ensure that you have accurately identified the land to which your application relates.

Planning certificate - S.10.7 (2) A certificate issued under Section 10.7 (2) provides information about the zoning of a property, the relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property affectations such as land contamination and road widening.
Planning certificate - S.10.7 part (5) only This certificate provides additional useful information about the land such as any development consents issued on the land within the previous 5 year period.
Planning certificate - S.10.7 (2) and (5) Contains the information supplied in both a Section 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate as well as a Section 10.7 (5) Planning Certificate
Planning certificate S.10.7 (2) Complying Development Confirms whether complying development may be carried out under the State Environmental Planning Policy 2008 (Exempt and Complying Development).
Drainage Diagram A drainage diagram shows the location of Council owned sewers.  If Council does not have sewer infrastructure near the property then a letter of advice will be issued indicating this. NOTE: Council sewer infrastructure shown in a drainage diagram does not always mean a property can be connected to sewer. If a property can be connected to sewer it is charged sewer availability and this is disclosed on a certificate issued by Council under Section 603 of the Local Government Act 1993.
Urgent Fee: (within 48 hours) Please note: this fee is additional
Section 603 This certificate provides property information in regard to land description, ownership, rating details and outstanding rates.
Outstanding Notices and Orders Certificate This certificate provides details of any outstanding notices or orders served in respect of a property – including LG Act (Sec 735A) & EP & A Act.
Septic pre-purchase inspection This approval provides information regarding the effluent disposal system on the land.
Section 64 Certificate (Noxious Weeds) This certificate provides information as to outstanding orders and notices on the land in regard to noxious weeds.
Special Water Meter Reading This certificate provides information relating to the last account issued including arrears balance in addition it will provide current water usage up to the date the Special Water Meter reading application was received. This also provides meter number information and average daily usage.
Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate A certificate which certifies that a swimming pool complies with the relevant requirements of the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

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Many of these form can be written into and saved. Click on the first data-entry area, and then use your tab key to move from field to field. NOTE - You will still have to print the document and forward a printed, signed copy to Council. You can print the document by clicking on the Print Form button.

All forms are in pdf format unless otherwised stated.

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