Request a Building Inspection

If you have appointed Council as the Principal Certifier (PC) for your development then you need to arrange for Council’s Building Surveyors to carry out progress inspections in accordance with the schedule of mandatory inspections that has been attached to your approval documents. You can also book a plumbing & drainage inspection or a reinspection for a building certificate or swimming pool Certificate of Compliance

Booking an Inspection

Inspections can be booked online and will be accepted up until midnight of the day prior to the inspection. Inspections are generally carried out after 11.30am Monday to Friday. No inspections are carried out on weekends, public holidays or between the Christmas to New year shut down period.

  • Work must be ready and completed to the required stage at the time of the inspection or Council may charge a reinspection fee
  • You do not need to be present but access must be available to the area to be inspected
  • Any dogs must be restrained
  • Do not request a specific time as inspections may be carried out at any time of the day

Inspection result

If you are not on site at the time of the inspection you will be advised of the inspection result by phone. If an inspection is failed then you will be advised of the reasons for the failure. It is then your responsibility to arrange for a re-inspection once the problem has been rectified.

Postponing an inspection

Please call Council’s Customer Service Section on 6643 0200 and ask for extension 3294 to postpone or cancel an inspection.

Final Inspection

When all building works associated with the development have been completed you will need to arrange for a final inspection before the building can be used or occupied. Once the work has been inspected and passed, an Occupation Certificate will be issued. It is an offence to occupy a building without first obtaining an Occupation Certificate.

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

eg; CC2021/0001

Please note: no inspections on weekends.

  • Final Inspection
  • Final Septic Inspection
  • Frame Inspection
  • Piers/Footings
  • Pool Steel Inspection
  • Septic Tank / Wastewater Disposal Area Inspection
  • Sewer Drainage Inspection
  • Slab Inspection
  • Stormwater Inspection
  • Water Plumbing Inspection
  • Wet Area Inspection
  • Swimming Pool Fence Reinspection
  • Building Certificate Reinspection
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